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Applied Nutrition L- Carnitine Liquid 3000 and Green Tea 495ml

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Applied Nutrition L Carnitine Liquid contains 50mg of Green Tea Extract and added Vitamin C, delivering 3000mg of L-Carnitine per serving. It boosts energy and supports weight management goals. L-Carnitine plays a critical metabolic role in stimulating weight loss as it helps transport fats to the Mitochondria where they are burned for energy. Green tea increases metabolism, being a powerful ingredient for weight management. L-Carnitine supports athletic performance and endurance. Through a greater reliance on fat for energy, the body reduces the depletion of muscle Glycogen. This combined with the reduction of Lactic Acid accumulation in muscles can extend exercise capacity before fatigue. Applied Nutrition L Carnitine Liquid is suitable for vegans. 100% natural flavouring & Halal Certified. 32 servings.

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